Board, Documents, and More

PCAHA Board Members and Meeting Minutes
Our board of directors is collectively responsible for the management and operation of Pine Cone Acres Homeowners Association, Inc. Board members are all volunteers who live in the Pine Cone Acres community, and are elected to the board by their fellow community members. Here you will find current board of directors names and their titles.

Meetings are generally held at the Black Forest Fire Department on Teachout Road. Consult the Calendar page on this website for the specific date, time and location of meetings. Meeting minutes are posted here as a convenience to Pine Cone Acres Homeowners Association, Inc. members. Homeowners are welcome and encouraged to join us at our regularly scheduled board meetings.

PCAHA Board Member Duties
The president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and board members at large have specific duties which are defined here.

PCAHA Governing Documents
Our community is a covenant-protected community governed by a board of directors who are volunteers elected by the owners. The governing documents include: Declaration of Protective Covenants, By-laws and Articles of Incorporation for the Pine Cone Acres Homeowners Association, Inc. The association is a non-profit organization which was formed when the Declaration of Protective Covenants was originally recorded in 1968. You became a member of the association the day you closed on your new home.

PCAHA Policies
Most associations have developed policies and procedures and adopted by the board of directors. Policies adopted define the actions of the board and how Pine Cone Acres Homeowners Association, Inc. will enforce their governing documents. The board of directors has adopted policies to address matters that are not specifically detailed in the governing documents, including procedures for the fair and efficient enforcement of those documents.

Submitting forms has become easier for the homeowner by downloading the form needed for individual purposes. If you do not see a form for your specific need, please contact the secretary.